24 Jul 2018

24 Jul 2018

Get ready with Luxe Talent for your next Job Interview in the Fashion Industry

Do you know how to get dressed for a job interview for a fashion firm?

The image we give in a job interview is very important: it is the first impression that the Recruiter will have from us and, as we all know, first impressions matter, especially if we are applying for a fashion company.

There are many factors that will determine our success in a job interview, from our knowledge and experience to our professional ambitions and attitude. We have to show that we have the necessary skills to take over the job, and that we can fit into the company on a personal level as well. Therefore, it is normal, that we push our image into the background. However, we can’t forget that our image can become our best cover letter for any new professional opportunity. In this sense, there are certain dress code rules in any work environment that we can’t ignore. Just as we wouldn’t trust a bank where the director is wearing a tracksuit, we wouldn’t either ask for advice on trekking shoes from a perfectly well-dressed sales assistant. In the same way, a recruiter who must choose from two candidates with similar profiles will end up selecting the one that has given a better impression and seems to suit better the philosophy of the firm.

Only 30 seconds are needed to make a first impression on someone. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal language, as well as the image. A specific piece, a compliment or even a colour, can make us greater damage than any phrase or curriculum. The fact that a coach can remember you after seeing hundreds of candidates is a point in your favour. So, in addition to having carried out a good job search process (or Job hunting) and developing an impeccable CV, it is important that when we get to the job interview we leave a good impression. This is where the choice of attire comes in.

In Luxe Talent, we have 4 tips that will help you choose the right outfit for your next interview for a fashion brand:

1. Research the company’s culture and values

If you know the brand where you are applying, make a brief research on its values, target and work environment. In the case of fashion and luxury retail, it is quite easy: just go to one of the firm’s stores to see how the workers are dressed. If it’s an office position, social media is the key: many firms post pictures of their offices and workers on their accounts. However, we must bear in mind that the people in the pictures are already working in the company and, therefore, their style could be more relaxed. We can’t forget that we are not part of the team yet, so we should always keep our image professional.

On the other hand, if the selection process is confidential, and we do not know the brand, we should always try to be as neutral as possible. If it is a luxury firm, we should be elegant and formal. However, if it is a fast-fashion brand, we must take into account the latest trends in fashion and try to dress accordingly.

Wearing a garment or accessory from the latest collection of the firm is always a plus. For example, if we know that it’s a Footwear brand, we should choose the best shoes we have. If it is a jewellery firm, we should put the emphasis on these accessories.

If the brand requires wearing a uniform, as is the case of store workers, we will score points if we wear a similar look. Needless to say, when applying for jobs in the fashion industry, it is essential to know how to combine clothes and accessories.

job interview

2. Choose an outfit you feel comfortable with

Comfort is key when you go to a job interview. You will be nervous and want to prove your professional and personal worth. Therefore, you should also care about your look. Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable with, it will help you demonstrate the security that every interviewer wants to see in a candidate.

On the contrary, if you opt for a look that makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure, your nerves and insecurities will surface and will not allow you to give your best.

3. Go for neutral colours

Embrace neutral tones and discard flashy colours that can distract the interviewer from what really matters: your knowledge and experience. You can choose a neutral outfit and be a bit risky with the accessories. Details always make the difference. But remember Coco Chanel’s quote: “Before leaving home, always take off the last accessory you’ve put on”.

4. Be careful with the details in your job interview

As the popular Anglo-Saxon proverb says, “the devil is in the detail”. It is just as important to dress appropriately as to pay special attention to details.

Make sure that what you wear is in perfect condition, without rips or wrinkles, and take care of your hygienic appearance. Going neat to a job interview is the least you can do, but if you also show a bright smile and a good manicure, or a nice perfume, you will get a much more professional and polished image. The smell is one of the most sensitive senses we have, and not everyone likes the same aromas. So, in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation, we recommend discreet and refreshing perfumes or just not using any.

job interview

These are details that we don’t usually notice, but if we leave them aside, they can work against us.

At Luxe Talent, we are aware of the difficulties of the recruiting process, so we firmly believe these tips can help any candidate who is having a job interview for a fashion firm.

Trust in yourself, know your worth and smile. Your smile will always be your best complement.

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