Our offices are present
all over Europe


  • In Luxe Talent, the international approach is always present. Our consultants, who come from different European countries, have a high level of expertise in different sectors.
  • Our offices are strategically located to cover the hot spots in the sector all over Europe. Therefore, we are prepared to give a personalized and professional service to both our clients & candidates, always taking into account the needs and concerns of both parties.


  • If you are looking for a partner that adapts to your needs and has a deep knowledge of the peculiarities of each market sector, you can rely on Luxe Talent. Ready to start the adventure? Contact us in any of our offices and let's start the journey together!


    International Recruitment & Training Agency specialized in Corporate & Retail since 2009


    • Consultants with deep knowledge of our multiple Recruitment areas
    • Specialized 100% in Retail, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Fashion, Automotive & Luxury
    • In a maximum period of 15 days, you will have candidates’ profiles to evaluate
    • Headhunting service included: because the talent you are looking for is not always looking for a job
    • Service all around Europe, with native consultant speakers
    • Expansion support services. We will be your reliable partner to expand across Europe with a unique interlocutor
    • Also, the possibility of a single contract and invoicing with international agreements
    • More than 13 years of experience guarantee our commitment


  • Want to know more about Luxe Talent's DNA?

  • We want the best for our clients, but also the best for our people.  Therefore, we try to make their life easier, so they have time to concentrate on their work & have time to recharge their energy enjoying their free time.

    Consequently, we offer to our people:

  • - Full onboarding and face-to-face
    - Ubiquity - they can work anywhere in Europe and change job location as much as they want
    - 80% Remote work
    - 100% flexible timetable
    - 2 workshop days per year
    - Regular face-to-face & online team meetings
    - Continuous training
    - July and August, intensive day or 4-day week of their choice
    - Special rewards for reaching group objectives, trips, dinners, shows...
    - Permanent contract
    - Continuous professional development