06 Sep 2018

06 Sep 2018

Are holidays already over for you too? Avoid the stress of coming back to work with these tips:

September is a significant month. The lucky ones who were on holidays will surely have experienced new landscapes, smells, and flavours and met new people. However, coming back to the routine can generate anxiety and sadness (the so-called post-holiday syndrome), but it is all a matter of perspective! In Luxe Talent, we have gathered three tips to help you have a smooth return to your workplace:

1. Get ready while you’re still on holidays

One does not simply return to work and gets used to it. The mere idea of getting back to the office can be traumatic, so it’s better to get prepared for it in advance. In the long run, it is more beneficial and the transition will be less stressful. That being said, how can someone prepare to get back to work while being still on holidays? Well, it is said that if the person has practised any “active leisure”, meaning, having done some trips or sports, for instance, the body will be already used to that energy shot! But if the person has practised “passive leisure” with copious meals and naps on the lounger, it seems obvious the return will be harder.

However, it is not just a purely physical aspect: it would also be wise to start exercising your mind days before arriving at the office. For example, are you a graphic designer? Pick up some old personal projects you left in the pipeline because you were busy! Or open a blank sheet in Illustrator and let your imagination flow! You can also focus on hobbies that you have been leaving aside, such as that guitar you were given years ago, or the sewing machine you bought on that second-hand app.

2. Plan your return to work after holidays properly

Plan well both your holidays and your return to the office. If you have a month of holiday, for example, we suggest you divide it into fortnights instead of taking the whole month. Otherwise, you may lose a bit of perspective.

It is also best, to begin with, the easiest tasks in your first days at work and postpone those which demand greater effort or complexity. This requires not only organization skills, but also understanding from your colleagues: they shouldn’t ask you to reach your maximum performance right away. It wouldn’t be a bad idea either to organize an informal meeting with your team members so that you keep up to date with the latest news or projects. What about breakfast at the bar downstairs? And if you want to maintain a positive attitude, make small changes to your work table. Some orchids? Colourful stationery? What about a new desktop background? Think about it and make the return pleasant for your senses!

3. Your life doesn’t stop! 

Something that happens often is that you come back to work with a predisposition to a negative and self-indulgent attitude. But September shouldn’t only imply going back to the routine: as we said before, it can be a meaningful month! That’s why the engine of that change should be you. Do you feel like joining kizomba classes? Do you have your bike collecting dust? It could be a good moment to go for it!

Nonetheless, try to avoid certain clichés such as joining the gym if you lack real motivation for it. It will be just a tedious activity that will make you want to quit soon. You can include healthy routines that make you excited and feel good. Make it matter! Remember that coming back to the office doesn’t mean you should stop doing funny and pleasant things in your free time. Continue meeting your friends, going out for dinner, going for a walk… Make every minute count so that you come back to the office full of energy!

Think it can also be a good moment to set new goals. In many cases, the return to work after the holidays makes people want to make big changes in their lives, and these changes usually start at work! If you want a fresh start or give a twist to your professional career, in Luxe Talent we will help you along the way through our job offers and courses. We are here for you!