15 Feb 2023

Autor: Marta Sannicandro
15 Feb 2023

In this #LuxeTalentBlog, Marta Sannicandro, Senior Recruiter & Business Developer Italy & DACH talks about one of her specialities: Candidate Engagement. Ready? 

Candidate engagement | blog | luxe talent

Candidate engagement: Why is it so important? 

As a recruiter, the Commitment of the Candidate during the selection process is crucial; I want to tell you why you should give it the importance it deserves, since it is key to the success of our work as recruiters and personal satisfaction. 

What is candidate engagement? 

Engagement with the candidate is everything related to the contact between the recruiter and the candidate during the selection process, the relationship of trust that is created between them. It all starts during the first contact, usually a message on LinkedIn or an email with the aim of arranging an interview. Physical where possible, or through digital tools, as a result of the pandemic: the most popular method. The first contact is crucial to attract the candidate's interest in the best way. 

How to best start a conversation with the candidate: 

  • Always personalize the message as much as possible, to attract the candidate's interest and not make them feel like they have received a copied message. 
  • Try to synthesize as much as possible without omitting important information 
  • Demonstrate professionalism and kindness by taking care of the form of the text 

If you respect the points mentioned above, from the first contact there is the possibility that a relationship of trust between recruiter and candidate will begin to be established, which will undoubtedly develop and solidify during the first interview. 

How to establish a good commitment of the candidate during the first interview: 

  • Reassure the candidate, trying to establish a cordial dialogue and, in the case of a face-to-face interview, maintain eye contact. 
  • Whenever possible. Use YOU instead of THEY
  • Demonstrate interest in the candidate and their experiences, understand their research and motivations: the candidate should feel understood. 
  • Tell the job opportunity through storytelling: the recruiter should talk about the vacancy, highlighting all the positive points that coincide with the candidate's wishes. The role of the recruiter is to create a true story using positive variables and highlighting them, so that the candidate generates desire. In this way, he will see himself as the protagonist, he will identify himself on paper and in the company. 

Contact after the first interview 

Respecting the points listed, after the first interview a professional relationship based on trust is established, which should not be underestimated in a possible final phase of the process. The task of the recruiter, after the first interview, is also to try to maintain good communication throughout the selection process, maintaining regular contact with the candidates: 

  • In case of long processes, establish weekly follow-ups: the candidate will not feel "abandoned" and, in fact, will be willing to wait. In the meantime, it's up to the recruiter to maintain their high interest, asking for updates on motivation, on other ongoing processes... 
  • Always maintain a high degree of clarity with the candidate, both in case of positive and negative result. The candidate who will receive negative constructive feedback will greatly appreciate transparency and will surely be willing in the future to collaborate with the recruiter again. 
  • An excellent "Candidate Experience" during any selection process, regardless of the outcome, will subsequently see a candidate satisfied with the collaboration and ready in the future to collaborate again. 

Candidate Experience 

The Candidate Experience is simply the feeling that the candidate has followed in the long selection process, regardless of the final result. A good compromise between recruiter and candidate certainly leads to a positive candidate experience. The goal of the recruiter is undoubtedly to make this "trip" as enjoyable as possible, maintaining fluid and transparent communication. 

Final step of the process 

The Engagement established with the candidate in the initial phases, undoubtedly pays off during the final phase of the process and the negotiation of the offer. The recruiter in this case will act as an intermediary between the wishes of the candidate – which at this point must be very clear – and the offer that is presented to him. 

The objective should undoubtedly be the satisfaction of the candidate, who, in case an excellent relationship of trust has been established, will rely on the recruiter to expose any doubts or disappointments about it. The task of the recruiter will be to find a meeting point between the needs of the candidate and the client's offer. 

In case of acceptance, it can be said that the negotiation is successful: the recruiter has managed to find a meeting point between the two parties and will see the satisfaction of both. In case of rejection, it is not necessarily the opposite: if the recruiter has supported the candidate through regular follow-ups and listening to their needs, it does not have to indicate that the candidate cannot be satisfied with the collaboration; In fact, you will surely appreciate the recruiter's interest and support during the most delicate phase of the selection process. 

Candidate engagement | blog | luxe talent

The secret 

Commitment to the candidate is not only helpful in successfully completing a selection process. It also has its weight in success but, it is essential to build a good professional network, formed by PEOPLE who are at the centre. 

And this is precisely the best part of the job of us; recruiters: "to constantly work with people and help them find their way ..." 

What do you think of the advice of one of our best recruiters? The satisfaction of our clients and candidates is a priority for Luxe Talent, so we pay close attention to detail. If you want to have a premium selection process, contact us, we will be happy to collaborate. 

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