Looking for talent in Retail, Wholesale & Customer service?

Retail, wholesale & costumer service professionals are the visible face of any brand.

At Luxe Talent we are a leading agency in Europe in Retail, Wholesale & Customer service. We work with brands specialized in fashion, retail and luxury, as well as in the industries that are emerging such as FMCG, food & beverage, automotive, real estate and electronics.

We know how important it is for you to find the right talent and how challenging it can be to search it for and find the perfect match. Furthermore, we want to help you, because we know that  <<the right team makes the difference in your business>>. Our goal is to find candidates with the best skills that represent the values ​​of the brand and are true ambassadors. For this purpose, we have a team of consultants with extensive experience and knowledge of the sector.

We analyse your corporate, marketing and talent needs and offer you high talented manager profiles in Retail, Wholesale & Customer service.

In the Retail, Wholesale & Customer service area, we do not only help you find the best candidate, also we offer continuous training, RPO, request mapping, customized payment studies, riddle shoppers, etc.

Every year, we carry out a sectoral salary study to anticipate the needs of the market and your company. Furthermore, we can also carry out one adapted to your needs.

Recruitment for retail wholesale & Customer Service profiles:

Retail profiles are our speciality, we deeply understand the talent that this profiles require and how to adapt them to your business industry. Our international staff has decades of experience in retail search, which they carry out with the necessary tools to find the right talent for each type of profile required.

In our experience, we know that for a successful retailer, wholesale and customer service profile require high empathy and connection with the costumer, leadership and understanding the necessities of the brand and the client. Retailers are the ones who have direct contact with the client, therefore, they have to be your ears, eyes and great brand image storytellers. This vacancy is crucial! Therefore, we carry out a personalized study together with the client to define the perfect profile for the vacant position.

If you are looking for a partner to help you find the Right Talent for your company, therefore, Luxe Talent is the right choice.

We have a multidisciplinary team with decades of experience in fashion, luxury, retail and food & beverage sectors.

In addition, we have a cohesive team that, despite being international, works with the same objectives. So, the processes are more agile and approachable. This allows us to offer you, in a simple way, a single contract for international invoicing.
We accompany you at all times and make tailor-made plans to suit your needs and the needs of your teams.

Our team speaks your language! Furthermore, our team is integrated with people from various nationalities. Most importantly, with German, French, Italian and English speakers.

If you are interested in other European markets, you can check our offices in Germany, ItalyFrance & Spain. Or our International markets in the NetherlandsDenmarkSwitzerlandAustriaBelgiumLuxembourg or Portugal.

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