Luxe Talent: Retail Recruitment Agency

Luxe Talent, is one of Europe's Retail top recruitment agency.
The agency was created in 2009, since then we have been conducting business throughout Europe. Thousands of companies have put their trust in us to find high-quality talent, launch new boutiques and headquarters, and train their employees all around the world. In addition, we've formerly worked in over 18 different nations.
We give training and recruitment services. As well as RPO, request mapping, customized payment studies, riddle shoppers, etc.
Our object is to make brands and applicants feel supported, understood, and assured that they're receiving the highest guidance as possible.

We always care about "Fitting the Right Talent"

Retail's market

The retail industry consists of all businesses that sell goods and services to consumers. It is a very large industry that encompasses grocery, convenience, discount, independent, department stores...

Luxe Talent operates in all sectors, but is highly specialised in retail in luxury and fashion.

Despite global pandemic consequences, the retail industry sets records in 2022. Driven by e-commerce and the Asian market.
In Europe, the trend is shifting back to shops. Customers want to return to normality and are seeking a more holistic, omnichannel experience that allows them to connect with the brand and the shopping experience.

Recruitment consulting in Retail

If you are looking for an agency for recruiting consulting in retail sector, Luxe Talent is the perfect option for you.

We have an experienced and multidisciplinary team specialised in retail market. Although we are an international team, our organization works in a cohesive way across all markets, pursuing global objectives. Therefore, we can offer a closer, tailored and flexible approach to the needs of your business. Thus, you receive a unique agreement for all your international business.

Our team speaks your market's language and is familiar with its customs. We are composed by a team of different nationalities with native speakers of Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian...

If you are interested in other European vacancies, you can check our job opportunities in Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

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