Looking for talent in Product, Buying & QA?

At Luxe Talent we are a leading agency in Europe in Product, Buying & QA recruitment. We work with brands specialized in fashion, retail, and luxury, as well as in the industries that are emerging such as FMCG, food & beverage, automotive, hospitality, and electronics.

We know how important it is for you to find the right talent and how challenging it can be to search it for and find the perfect match. Furthermore, we want to help you, because we know that  <<the right team makes the difference in your business>>.

We analyse your corporate, marketing, and talent needs and offer you highly talented, executive & middle management profiles in Product, Buying & Merchandising.

In the Product, Buying & Merchandising area, we not only help you find the best candidate but also offer continuous training, RPO, request mapping, customized payment studies, riddle shoppers, etc.

Every year, we carry out a sectoral salary study to anticipate the needs of the market and your company. Furthermore, we can also carry out one adapted to your needs.

Recruitment for Product, Buying & Merchandising profiles:

Depending on the field of expertise, the personnel of Product, Buying, and QA require different skills and knowledge. Our team of international consultants has a wealth of experience in product, buying, and merchandising searches, which they conduct with the right resources to identify the most qualified candidates for each type of required profile.

A successful Product, Buying, and QA Search requires a great deal of attention to detail, creativity, observation, and broad knowledge of customer insights, according to our experience. We are aware that since these are critical positions, there is no room for error. We carry out a customized study with the client to identify the ideal profile for the open position.

Luxe Talent is therefore your best choice if you're looking for a partner to assist you in finding the Right Talent for your company.

Our multidisciplinary team can assist you because they have years of experience in the fashion, luxury, retail, and food and beverage industries.

Furthermore, despite being a worldwide team, it is indeed cohesive and strives to achieve the same objectives. As a result, the processes are more adaptable and user-friendly. This makes it possible for us to easily offer you a single contract for international invoicing.

We always accompany you and develop customized plans based on the needs of your teams for you and them.

Our staff is bilingual in your language! In addition, our team is made up of people from different countries. Particularly with German, French, and Italian speakers.

If you are interested in other European markets, you can check our offices in Germany, ItalyFranceSpain. Or our International markets in the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg or Portugal.

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