25 Jan 2019


25 Jan 2019

We would like to introduce a new section: #LuxuryTalks. In it we could learn more about the talents that are part of the team of Luxe Talent in our offices across Europe.

Some of you will have had the opportunity to meet our recruiters, consultants or sales representatives in some kind of selection process. As you know, we are a consultancy specializing in Fashion, Retail and Luxury and we are known for maintaining a strong commitment to all parts involved in the process of new projects and job opportunities and always keep a close and empathic treatment. That is why we want you to know more about us! In this first edition we have Susana Rivero, Junior Recruiter from our Headquarters in Barcelona.

Q- How long have you been at Luxe Talent and describe in a few words what you do!
A- I would say that I have been half a year discovering talent in the area of Catalonia and helping professionals to find the closest thing to the work of their dreams in the area of fashion and retail.

Q- If you had to feel identified with some luxury brand, which one would it be? And a premium one?
A- Balmain is risky and different, but without going out of the elegant and without falling into the absurd.
The premium one would be Uterqüe, possibly for the same reasons.

Q- Finally, tell us what you like to do in your free time and feel free to share you social media with us!
A- Reading, graphic illustrations and getting lost walking around. ✔️LinkedIn: Susana Rivero

Susana, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Luxury is ours for having you around. See you on social media!

P- Para acabar, dinos qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre y comparte tus rrss si te apetece con nosotros.

R- Leer, ilustraciones gráficas y perderme paseando. LinkedIn: Susana Rivero
Susana, ¡Muchísimas gracias por participar! Nos vemos por las redes ????