09 Feb 2023

Autor: Retail Academy Team
09 Feb 2023

The success stories by  Retail Academy are back, the series where we share with you the best experiences of our customers and students. Today we will talk about our Retail Academy training line. 

Last year, we conducted a Customer Service training with Secretariado Gitano. Most of our students came from complex backgrounds, but despite this, they were not only able to complete the training, they beat recruitment contract barriers. After completing the internship, 82% of our trainees were offered a contract. 

Today we will share the success story of Meri, a student of our Customer Service programme, who has become one of the best saleswomen in Springfield Spain. Ready for the interview?

The training that changed Meri's professional future

The training that changed Meri's professional future | blog | Retail academy and luxe talent

What is your story, Meri?  

A friend of mine recommended me to take the "Customer Service" course at Secretariado Gitano, she was studying it and had very good prospects of employability. At that time I was unemployed, previously I had worked in hairdressing, but I had always wanted to work in customer service.

I wanted to study and pursue my passion; at the time, I didn't feel prepared or confident enough to apply for a vacancy.

In the course, we were given useful tools, not only in customer service, but also in cash handling; we worked on precisely these confidence skills that I was lacking. Afterwards, we chose the centres where we wanted to do our internships. I chose Springfield (Tendam) because of its proximity to home and because they offer all kinds of garments, so I could learn more. 

During the internship everything made sense, I put all my knowledge into practice and focused on benchmarking my more experienced colleagues, repeating my mantra "If they can do it, I can do it too". After one week of internship, I was offered a full-time contract, and now I am one of the best saleswomen in Spain.

How did you find out about the organization? 

I have always known about them, I had already approached them for information and help, but I had never done a course. I heard good testimonials from friends who had been trained by them and I knew that they helped them with job searches.

What importance would you say training has in breaking down barriers?  

Huge! At the organization, they understand students' challenges, and they explain with patience and kindness, effort and affection. Thank you.

Is training important to boost your professional profile? 

Extremely, the teachers deserve a prize!

I will always be grateful, but it is not only the training that is important, but also the desire for continuous improvement and willingness to learn and work.

What aspect was most transformative for you?  

Everything is explained in great detail. In the endowment, they walk in the shoes of a person who has never worked in the sector; it was crucial to understand how to take care of the client and advise them correctly with the sizes.

Do you think these tools have helped you to get a contract before the end of the internship period?  

Drastically, the key to my success was the huge useful knowledge and especially motivation (to be willing to learn and be hard-working).

The training was very practical, based on role play, which helped me learn without even realizing it. Thanks to the training, I was an advanced worker; as I had already experienced these situations, I knew how to act.

For example, I learned the importance of open questions in retail, and not to fall into the typical "Do you need anything?" 

What has made you the best salesperson, month after month?  

Motivation and teamwork. I get along very well with all my colleagues, it's wonderful to work together, we fight together for the same purpose.  

Were you formed in teamwork? 

Yes, the training focused on this aspect. The Human Resources department wanted to know the reason behind my success in sales, and my answer was: the course.

What would you say to 19-20 year-old Gypsies who are planning their future? 

That nothing is impossible, that you can achieve all the goals you've set.  

Despite all the difficulties, the lack of resources and education; with determination they can achieve it, they are young and they can learn. They can go wherever they want.  

Some students thought that they were not good enough at selling, and after the course they felt very proud of themselves and of all the process.

The training support is wonderful, they help you with whatever you need.

What would you say to your teacher Vikash and Retail Academy

Thank you very much, you explain everything with passion and kindness. Most of the girls "really embraced the course" thanks to your words, and your dedication. If necessary, you explained it in 20 different ways.  

What else do you learn from this experience?  

New friendships, very good memories and a very useful learning experience to work in any kind of shop "They don't open one door, they open two".

The training that changed Meri's professional future | blog | Retail academy and luxe talent

We are very proud to share Mery's story, she has not only achieved excellent results, she inspires us both with her trajectory and her self-improvement spirit. As she says, "Even if you know you are doing well, you can always do better".

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