03 Nov 2022

Autor: Luxe Talent team
02 Nov 2022

In this #LuxeTalentBlog we will show you the importance of team building. Let's get started!
Did you know that team building activities improve motivation, but also mutual trust, creativity and self-awareness? The benefits are endless

Team building benefits | our annual workshop | blog | luxe talent

A month ago, we held our annual workshop and... We went to Mallorca!

Workshops are becoming an increasingly popular tool in companies, because they allow us to work both on corporate strategy and team building. They allow you to empathize and connect with your colleagues, in addition to connecting with values that can often remain a dead letter.

Team building benefits | our annual workshop | blog | luxe talent

Luxe Talent workshop

Being an international company is not easy. We do a lot of meetings and try to see each other face-to-face in the office or in small groups, but altogether we usually only see each other on video calls. However, we enjoy meeting face-to-face and getting together again after a few years of pandemic. For this reason, every year we hold a workshop for the entire team; during the pandemic we had to postpone it, and we are happy to be able to make it up.

We would like to share with you these days. We spent some time talking about strategy, future objectives and, most importantly, having fun together.

The activities

Yoga on the beach

We started our workshop with sport and nature. Alexandra Defawe, team leader of France and qualified sophrologist, led a yoga and sophrology activity on the beach.
The stretching and mindfulness exercises have high personal benefits for each team member, but also for the entire organization. Benefits that are multiplied by being in contact with nature and having fun with the team.

Did you know that yoga in the workplace helps to increase productivity and creativity?
And that prolonged practice reduces absenteeism and improves commitment and communication?


During the afternoon, we worked collectively and got a bit more serious and analysed the corporate strategy, department by department we analysed the annual evolution and the prospects for the next year.
In order to be able to work as a great team, face-to-face meetings, alignment of objectives and internalization of the company's philosophy in all departments are key; hence the importance of this type of face-to-face team meetings. They make it easier to grasp the essence of the company and the coherence of joint action.

Diversity activity

Next, the Retail Academy team prepared an activity on diversity to help us understand our goals in life and how they align with company values.
We realized that despite having a wide range of different personal goals, we all have a common purpose, Luxe Talent and Retail Academy, we all believe in them. Each of us is unique and brings a special ingredient. What we call our superpower.

Catamaran and show cooking

The next morning we sailed along the coast of Mallorca by catamaran and stopped at an idyllic cove where we enjoyed a nice swim and a show cooking activity and paella.

The perfect workshop is made up of corporate activities that allow us to align our objectives and focus our skills. But it also requires relaxed and fun activities that allow us to get to know each other and engage in teambuilding.

At Luxe Talent and Retail Academy, we believe that a good working environment helps to build a good team. We are dedicated to people, that's why we want to take care of people, understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to evolve together hand in hand. Creating strong bonds is part of our essence.

Find out what we did in our workshop 😊

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