26 Jan 2023

Autor: Luxe Talent team
26 Jan 2023

A CEO is a key position for brands. Luxury fashion brands are looking for a very specific profile that can respond to the needs of the market. Here are the keys to the perfect CEO in this #LuxeTalentBlog.    


How to become a CEO in luxury fashion  

Luxe Talent | How to be a CEO in luxury fashion | Blog


The major fashion maisons must honour and respect the heritage of their designers while remaining at the forefront of innovation and continuos development, therefore a good CEO must be able to handle both needs. We are currently facing a new consumer behaviour, new flourishing markets, business model changes and emerging digital technologies.  It is an opportune time to redefine the role of a CEO.  

The luxury fashion industry is in the midst of change, and a CEO is expected to be able to take the brand to its peak by delivering fast results.   

According to a study conducted by Vogue Business, in which 28 luxury brands participated, two thirds had hired CEOs in the last five years, such as Gucci or Fendi.   


In addition, they observed that most leaders only have one shot at the highest position and have an average seniority of five years.   


Vogue Business reports:   

"Companies in growth mode can afford to take risks and often turn to executive search consultants ... to find new talent. Meanwhile, a struggling company is more likely to hire internally to avoid cultural mismatch, one of the main reasons luxury CEOs fail, recruiters say. The process starts with gathering data on senior executives in or around the fashion industry, before moving on to extensive interviews."  


Each brand looks for completely different qualities in their CEOs depending on their own needs, but we have noticed some common ones across most houses....  


Qualities of a luxury fashion CEO  

  • Strategic ability, without losing sight of operational tasks when making decisions.  
  • Strong management skills and experience in high-end or luxury fashion  
  • Clearly articulate the brand vision throughout the organisation.  
  • Sustaining and/or creating an efficient operating model on a large scale  
  • Lead business debates with peers across the organisation  
  • Understand the brand's heritage and keep it at the forefront of trends and social concerns  
  • Understand company growth levers and how to manage them.  
  • Turning customer feedback into action.  


What tasks does a CEO in luxury fashion typically perform?  

  • A CEO is the person responsible for project forecasting and execution.   
  • Will be in charge of establishing strategic partnerships (suppliers, customers, public relations, stakeholders...)  
  • He/she/they controls and is responsible for the brand's service centres and spaces.   
  • A CEO influences product range decisions   
  • Success strategies must be created and implemented, in correlation with new or existing team members.  


Luxe Talent | How to be a CEO in luxury fashion | Blog


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