Luxe Talent: Fashion Recruitment Agency in Austria

Luxe Talent, is one of Austria's top recruitment agencies. Specifically, we work in Corporate & Retail vacancies focused on Fashion, Luxury and Retail too.

We have been operating in Europe since 2009 and thousands of customers trust our work. Moreover, we have worked in more than 18 countries.

We offer talent recruitment and training services. In addition, as RPO, market mapping, personalised salary study, mystery shopper...

The key for us is to ensure that clients and candidates feel understood, supported and confident about receiving the best advice.

We always care about "fitting the right talent".

Our experience in Austria

Austria continues to grow as a business location. The second-largest relocation of companies in 40 years took place in 2021. Mostly start-ups and spin-offs of large corporations came to the country.
Six out of ten Austrians are open to a new job. There are many reasons for the high willingness to change jobs. It is not for nothing; the demands at work are increasing. Issues such as the meaning of work, the right work-life balance and the reconciliation of work and family are becoming more and more important.

Recruitment consulting in Austria

If you are looking for a partner with a recruitment consultancy in Austria, therefore, Luxe Talent is the right choice.

We have a multidisciplinary team with decades of experience in fashion, luxury, retail and food & beverage sectors too.

In addition, we have a cohesive team that, despite being international, works with the same objectives. So, the processes are more agile and approachable. This allows us to offer you, in a simple way, a single contract for international invoicing.
We accompany you at all times and make tailor-made plans to suit your needs and the needs of your teams.

Our team speaks your language! Furthermore, our team is integrated with people from various nationalities. Most importantly, with German, French, Italian and English speakers.

If you are interested in other European vacancies, you can check our job opportunities in Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

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