26 Oct 2022

Success Story
Autor: Luxe Talent Team
26 Oct 2022

Luxe Talent Success Story

Success Stories by Luxe Talent is a new series of the best experiences of our brand with loyal & supportive clients. Here we will share with you some anecdotes and best practices to let you know how we work a little bit better.

Today we will share the Success Story of a High Luxury British Brand. Ready?

How it went?

The HR department had already conducted a previous research without luck... so they decided to turn to us as experts in the luxury fashion retail sector. 🔎

Daniela Animento, Team Leader Italy & DACH, carried out the consultancy through active research and interviews of high-value profiles in different European cities. Finally, we realized that the best talent was in the company.

In other words, the best option for the company at that moment was to rely on and promote internal talent, its deputy shop manager.

Although there was no contractual agreement, the company decided to pay the recruitment fee, as if the position was closed. The British high luxury brand was delighted with the service provided and was very positive about the market mapping carried out and the trust in internal talent.

Success Stories by Luxe Talent | High Luxury British Brand with Daniela Animento Team Leader Italy & DACH of Luxe Talent, International Consultancy Specialized in Recruitment & Training

Working with Luxe Talent means having a Success Story to tell afterward 

At Luxe Talent, we provide consultancy services including in-depth market research and detection of internal and external talent, so that each company can find the profiles that best suit its needs. In our values, sincerity is key. Therefore, our recommendations are always guided by the conclusions of the market mapping, whether they translate into recruitment or promotion and training of internal talent.

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