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  • As we do every year, the Luxe Talent observatory carries out a Fashion & Luxury Salary Study to identify new trends, changes in salary bands, and new needs of both companies and candidates.
  • As the market leaders in the recruitment of Middle Management & Executive profiles for the luxury sector in Fashion, Decoration, Cosmetics, Jewellery, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality, we know that it is essential for our clients to have access to accurate and up-to-date information on salaries and remuneration in their sector.

  • Our Salary Study is the result of detailed and rigorous research into the current market; ongoing contact with international clients in the sector allows us to establish metrics and make predictions for the coming years. The analysis provides valuable information on salary trends in the sector and detects new training needs and trends, and insights.
    Our goal is to help our clients make informed compensation and benefits decisions to attract and retain the best talent in their company.

  • We hope that our analysis and experience in this document will be useful.
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Salary Study Fashion & Luxury 2023 by Luxe Talent International Consultancy Specialized in Recruitment & Training