02 Mar 2021

Autor: Luxe Talent Team
02 Mar 21

Inside the Recruitment Process with Luxe Talent: L’OREAL Case Study

A Recruitment Process is not always an easy job. Companies are facing many difficulties in their selection processes to find the right candidate on time. Let's not forget that people are the engine of any business and that it is essential to make the right decisions at the right time. 

This is how Aurélie Duroux, Recruitment and Employer Branding Manager at Retail Excellence 4 (a division of the L'OREAL Group) shares with us her experience on recruitment with Luxe Talent. Do you want to know how L'OREAL recruits talent? Why do they trust us? Read on!

Difficulties in Recruitment Process in the Retail field:

Luxe Talent: Good morning Aurélie. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Could you tell us what are the main difficulties you encounter in recruiting talent in France?

Aurélie Duroux: Thanks to Luxe Talent, it is a pleasure for me. First, let me explain a little about the company I work for. Retail Excellence 4, as an affiliate of the L'OREAL Group, it is an important player in the Beauty market. Today we have more than 450 brand ambassadors present throughout France.

We are currently recruiting Sales Animator profiles throughout France and Sales Advisors (up to Store Managers) for our entire network of stores.

Depending on the sector and according to the profile in the Recruitment Process, we may be confronted with the following difficulties:


- The gap between the profile/expectations of the candidates and our needs: for example, when we are looking for Managers or expert Sales Consultants, these profiles are more interested in moving on to other responsibilities.


- The lack of CVs in certain regions of France: To provide you another concrete example, we opened a L'OREAL OUTLET boutique in Romans sur Isère at the beginning of 2020. The profiles looking for a new job in this area were "rare" because they were not very mobile or very stable in their positions. We therefore requested the help of Luxe Talent to multiply our chances of finding the right people in the Recruitment process.


- When we need to find "atypical" profiles or profiles that are highly prized in the Luxury industry (for example: Chinese speaker beauty expert profiles). We seek the help of Luxe Talent.

Retail Excellence 4

Luxe Talent's approach to the Recruitment Process

Luxe Talent : What has Luxe Talent brought you to success in your Recruitment process?

Aurélie Duroux: First, Luxe Talent has made a difference through its approach. We did not feel an interested or purely commercial approach but, on the opposite, an approach based on exchange, transparency and of course, performance.

With Luxe Talent, we are also at peace with the candidate because we know that they are in good hands. They will have a personalized approach and follow-up during the hiring process and a precise and complete brief of the position.

Luxe Talent has also differentiated itself by its way of working. We are a human-sized firm, close to its clients, which is immersed in the values and corporate culture of its client. The firm has also adapted to our offers, to our evolutions... It should also be noted that their expertise in the Retail sector is a real plus for us! 

The importance of being responsive, rigorous and committed

Luxe Talent : Why do you trust Luxe Talent for your hiring process?

Aurélie Duroux : The profiles that are sent to us are always of quality, and they perfectly meet our specifications.

Moreover, the recruitment deadlines are always respected and the mission is taken up each time! The firm has thus quickly gained our full confidence.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of Lionel AZRAN, Business Development Manager at Luxe Talent. Lionel has been in charge of our recruitments for several years. He has always been reactive, rigorous and committed! I thank him for all the top profiles he shared with us!


Luxe Talent : Thank you again for sharing your experience with us. We are also proud of our team! Good luck for all your 2021 goals.

At Luxe Talent, our passion is to guide companies when it comes to recruiting talent. If you are expanding geographically or if you have difficulties in your Recruitment Process... Do not hesitate to contact us here.

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