31 Jul 2019

31 Jul 2019

If you are or want to become a Store Manager, keep reading! Because Luxe Talent's consultants reveal those qualities that they value most in the first interview.

It is essential to understand the diversity that exists in the retail ecosystem. Store Managers serve as the main connection between the other positions in the store, that's why they must have some special skills.


Outstanding in KPI's management

All our consultants agree on the same thing: it is essential to have a vast knowledge and experience in KPI's. The French team's Country Manager of Luxe Talent, Marion Berry, mentions that when she interviews a candidate applying for Store Manager, she values a solid knowledge in numbers. They need to have a very precise understanding and management of the store. Our Recruiter, Susana Rivero, includes that any vacancy for Store Manager must be supported by knowledge and orientation towards analysis, monitoring, and reporting. This means that the Store Manager must be able to analyze the data and identify whether the status of the store is increasing or decreasing. Also, they must be able to understand why and have enough tools to resolve this situation. This would include having varied strategies and action plans up, as long as the Area Manager agrees. This might seem obvious, but it is significant to have a proactive attitude and self-critical perception when it comes to detecting errors and know how to solve them.


Qualities to become the best Store Manager

The Store Manager must be the best brand ambassador!

Our consultants also point out that the right choice of a good Store Manager will depend on the connection and knowledge that the candidate has about the firm. This quality is transversal and can be found in many positions focused on retail. As it is evident, the greater the responsibility, the greater the demand in this kind of "skill". That's why the best-valued profile is going to be the one that achieves the perfect balance between vision and analytical practice, and that 'emotional' side with a strong commitment to the firm, its values and approach.

Susana Rivero also points out that the orientation of the profile must be directed towards different senses: we are clear that orientation towards results is indispensable, but an orientation towards the team itself is also important. We always say the same but it's the truth: the teamwork is essential! A connected team will have better communication and the day-by-day would be pleasant for everyone. Lastly, the Store Manager must keep up to date when applying coaching techniques, focused on Retail and motivating with certain incentives, such as small contests.

Be yourself

Remember that as HR consultancy we work side by side with the candidate. Our Business Development Manager, Lionel Azran, and Marion Berry agree on something that can be extrapolated to any vacancy: the candidate must be honest about his/her skills. At Luxe Talent we have the CV Right tool: our Recruiters use varied different techniques to check the information provided by the candidate. They check their CV and what they communicate in the interviews in order to see if it matchs their background. Azran insists that at Luxe Talent we attend to the needs of both the client and the candidates and he highlights:

"The candidate wins and so does the recruiter. It is always possible to lead the candidate to another vacancy that we have available... In the end, what we do is offer advice." Lionel Azran


Remember that, besides offering recruitment services specializing in retail, fashion, and luxury, we have our Retail Academy. If you want to improve your performance as Store Manager, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Written by Laura Entrambasaguas