20 Jul 2021

Autor: Luxe Talent Team
20 Jul 2021

Customer Approach: Keys to success

The customer approach is no easy task. We all know that it is a process of courtship and care, very extended over time. To discover the keys to success in winning and keeping a client, we have interviewed Belén Jimeno, Key Account Manager at Luxe Talent. With a series of very simple and concrete tips, she tells us in this blog what are the keys to success to get them and keep them over time.

Client Approach: keys to success by Luxe Talent

How to Approach the Customer?

When contacting a client, you first have to know how to move in your own personal network in order to reach them, and then it is very important to maintain continuous contact and frequent follow-up.

"Creating a working bond". Like going together hand in hand.

At the end of the day in life we all create bonds and in the work environment it is really the same.

It is a sum of work plus contacts and knowing how to move between them.

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What does a customer really want?

A customer will call (apart from the one who gives a good price/service), the one who is flexible, who gives solutions with a smile and manages their needs on a daily basis. The one who is always informed about their news, the situation of the company, future plans, needs etc. This makes you show interest and, by getting to know a customer better, you can help them better. Basically, to whoever is involved, a commitment.

What would you ask from a friend? Well, the same thing!

How to "educate" a client?

Providing a good service, having a good relationship... It does not always mean saying yes to everything. Setting limits, adapting to each other and making them see how to work together (timetables, prices, rules, laws) is important. In the end it is a relationship of trust, but it is a job in a society with rules, contracts and guidelines that must be established and complied with. Work is work, and that is the only way things function.

How to know your target customers?

Basically, keep up to date with the market, news, know your sector, countries, business development, trends, know the competition.

After the pandemic, in terms of customer-supplier contact, we must:

  • Maintain clear and transparent communication.
  • Have empathy with them and their situation.
  • Adapt to their new circumstances.
  • Be flexible and understanding.

What it takes to win over a customer?

And well, in short: to establish a good relationship of trust by following rules and guidelines, giving the best service and with the best involvement down to the last detail (which is what makes the difference).

A good friend/ex-colleague always tells me:

Retail is detail.

And so it is!

Client Approach infography by Luxe Talent

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