21 Dec 2022

Autor: Luxe Talent Team
21 Dec 2022

Office Christmas: why is it important?

Celebrating Christmas in the company is not just about decorations and dinners, it is much more than that. Celebrating this type of festivities allows all employees to gather together as one big family, creates a more relaxed atmosphere in which both managers and employees can strengthen communication, thus reinforcing corporate values.

Moreover, after two years of restrictions, this seems to be the first Christmas that will be celebrated (almost) normally, and I'm sure all your teams are looking forward to meeting and celebrating! 

We tell you all about activities, communication, atmosphere and fun. 

Office Christmas: why is it important | Blog | Luxe Talent

Benefits of a corporate Christmas

  • This type of celebrations are a great team-builder, you will celebrate Christmas as a family. Every day, your employees spend most of their time working, whether in the office or home office, so maintaining that family and team spirit is crucial.
  • By celebrating Christmas you will reaffirm corporate values, the way you communicate this season says a lot about you; how you value your employees, what is brand’s philosophy, what kind of relationships you expect from the team, expectations you generate... Christmas becomes the perfect time to communicate it.
  • Set goals for the coming months. This season is not only about Christmas, but also about closing and opening new cycles. It allows us to recap and analyse the year we are closing; as well as to set new goals for the next cycle. Corporate meetings allow communication to flow naturally and keep all departments interconnected.
  • Definitely, the great benefit is bonding - We are sure you will arrange a Christmas or end of year dinner /lunch? It's the perfect occasion to connect with new colleagues and strengthen bonds. 

Key tools

Christmas gifts, such as the famous hampers, to employees, suppliers and major customers, are a great tool for building loyalty and transmitting brand values. Those who receive them will feel part of the company and will be appreciated. A highly valued, non-material gift can also be flexible working hours. Christmas is a time of celebration, but also a stressful time for your employees, as they tend to travel and host events, so it is more important than ever to facilitate work-life balance; your talent will feel highly valued. 

Christmas dinners are the ideal opportunity to bring the whole team together in a relaxed atmosphere. Your organisation also needs space for fun, bonding and team building. For companies that promote home office, it will be a key moment to bring all employees together, as the face-to-face nature of such events helps to unite teams. 

If logistics are tricky, you can organise in-office breakfast with coffee, tea, pastries and fruit. A more budget-friendly option that can be adapted to the timetable needs of each of your employees. 

Team building activities, from Retail Academy and Luxe Talent we like to carry them out all year round. Otherwise, if you haven't done after works or team building activities in your company yet, now is the right time. You can also include a corporate activity to talk about future plans, make sure to finish with a speech that motivates and inspire the whole team. 

Secret Santa will not only help to generate that much-desired fun in the company, but will also help to promote empathy between employees. Giving gifts to our colleagues helps us to put ourselves in their shoes and make an effort to understand them. Perhaps you and your secret Santa don't know each other or have only met virtually? It's the perfect time to investigate and get to know each other a quite better. 

Charitable campaigns allow us to share business values and make your talent feel proud to be part of the organisation. In addition to creating a good working environment, CSR activities help to generate engagement. If you follow us on social media, you will know that this type of initiative will especially help you to connect with younger generations, who demand greater responsibility from brands. 

Do you want to know what activities our team is doing this Christmas? Take a look at our social networks, where we tell you all about it.

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