13 Oct 2022

Autor: Anna Romana
13 Oct 2022

How to attract talent to a company?  

In this #LuxeTalentBlog, Anna Romana, Business Developer of the Italian market, will explain the techniques and secrets to attract talent to your company. Shall we start?

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In this post-pandemic era where everyone has reset their priorities, the podium of company choices when changing jobs and choosing the best workplace has completely changed. 

What are the candidate's priorities when choosing a company?

Let's have a look at the priorities of those looking to relocate according to the latest market research:   

  1.  Reconciliation of work and family life  
  2. Career opportunities  
  3. Compensation and benefits package  
  4. Inspirational culture and promotion of diversity    

How can we offer these kinds of benefits in a mutually satisfying way? Here's how  

  • Work-life balance: what it is and how it is done.  

Let's start with a definition of work-life balance. This term indicates in a very simple and straightforward way the balance between private life and work, and therefore between the professional and private spheres.   

Achieving work-life balance means being able to coexist peacefully and serenely between work and private life, without friction, without one element having more power over the other.  

Remote work comes into play here. Home office work is a great lever towards work-life balance. Companies use it to encourage the individual to be part of a working reality where results are important. The employee is involved in a process of total trust, which reinforces the commitment invested in the work environment.   

Remote and hybrid working options, as well as reduced working hours, are key factors in retention and attraction policies.   

All industry studies agree that in the next 5 years, at least 1/3 of companies will allow their employees to choose where to work from.   

  • Career opportunities: a mindset of scaling up and a culture of change 

One point that makes the company interesting for the employee is the agility of the decision-making processes.  

The speed with which decisions are made conveys the idea that career opportunities will also be faster. This pushes employees to always look for new solutions, and to continuously increase their skills at different levels.  

The company can also be more competitive when it proposes an opportunity to increase skills, i.e. when it proposes the possibility to develop new skills during the recruitment period. 

  • Compensation and benefits package:  

Not all candidates evaluate a job or organization based on salary basis exclusively.  

Offering a competitive corporate benefits package can help attract more candidates. Especially those who are looking for a long-term career, rather than a job that only serves to increase their immediate earnings.  

Other types of compensation and benefits to complete your proposal

Not all candidates evaluate a job or organization based on salary alone.

Offering a competitive corporate benefits package can help attract more candidates. Especially those who are looking for a long-term career, rather than a job that only serves to increase their immediate earnings.

  • Health insurance  

Health plans can be an important aspect of trying to sell the benefits of your business. The company can offer health coverage to the employee and the possibility of extension to family members at their own cost.   

  • Flexible working hours   

Offering flexible working hours instead of fixed time, or work-from-home days, can increase staff motivation and is a great attraction for candidates.  

  • Increase annual holiday entitlement   

Some companies also grant some unpaid leave in certain circumstances, and this is one of the most important company benefits for individuals.  

  • Training, development and sabbaticals   

Offering apprenticeship programmes shows that the company is willing to invest in an employee's future. That it really wants to help them progress within the organisation.  

Another method can be to offer refresher sabbaticals, which is certainly a very attractive benefit that appeals to the younger generation. They know that loyalty to the company will be rewarded with the possibility of rest periods while maintaining the job.   

  • Childcare  

Many companies offer vouchers for childcare programmes, which can partly cover the costs of caring for new family members.   

  • An "inspiring" corporate culture and the promotion of diversity  

A company that promotes teamwork encourages people to collaborate even with tasks that are beyond their role. Feeling an integral part of the work team and the project encourages people to collaborate, resulting in a welcoming work environment.  

Diversity is nowadays a very strong social impact issue, and analysed by people when choosing a new job.  

Creating work teams made up of professionals of different nationalities and ideologies, making it a multicultural environment, is synonymous with personal enrichment. The company that accepts and builds diversity is competitive. 

Specialised Recruitment Consultancy | top priorities when relocating | Blog | luxe talent

Once you have identified what to offer in order to be attractive....  

How to communicate your image and win over the best people? Employer Branding:  

Nowadays, 80% of job searches start by checking the reputation of the company and the entrepreneur. Equipping oneself to communicate and offer the best image of the company is the first step in making oneself known, attracting and winning over the best people.   

According to a LinkedIn study, 75% of potential candidates research the company's reputation before applying for a job. And almost 70% of candidates would not accept an offer from an employer with a bad reputation.   

A well-thought-out Employer Branding strategy defines the organization's identity as an interesting and attractive place to work for potential candidates, employees and, in cascade, customers.  

Benefits include the engagement of the best profiles in circulation, arriving before competitors, and reducing the turnover rate by up to 28%. 

Which companies in the Fashion industry are recognized in the Best Employers rankings?  

Gucci ranks first in the luxury category of the ranking of the best employers. This is certified by the "Top Job 2022" ranking that the ITQF (Istituto Tecnico Qualità e Finanza) has developed in collaboration with La Repubblica-Affari&Finanza. The fashion house obtained a score of 100, followed on the podium by Giorgio Armani with 90.3 and Dior with 78.5.  Dolce&Gabbana with 75.1.  

Benefits and rewards, leadership, growth opportunities, culture and a good working environment were the criteria on which the different companies were evaluated.  

Adidas values talent and career opportunities above all else, Calvin Klein supports employees with a savings plan with a good balance between stress and lifestyle.    

And the big question, what is it like to work at Luxe Talent?  

It would be hypocritical of us not to live up to what we preach. That's why I want to tell you what it's like to work at Luxe Talent 

  • Full onboarding and face-to-face  
  • Ubiquity, you can work anywhere in Europe and vary the time you want.  
  • 95% Remote  
  • 100% flexible schedule  
  • 2 workshop days per year in a European city with the whole team.  
  • Regular face-to-face and virtual meetings with the team to strengthen bonds  
  • Continuous training  
  • July and August, intensive day or 4-day week of your choice  
  • Special rewards for achieving group objectives; such as trips, dinners, shows...  
  • Permanent contract  
  • Continuous professional development  
  • Total transparency and trust  

What do you think about these measures? Do you offer any of these benefits in your company? If you want to improve your employability and talent retention rate, you can count on Luxe Talent's consultancy services to achieve it. And if you are looking to enhance the soft and hard skills of your employees, count on Luxe Talent's Retail academy, the academy for Retailers.   

Specialised Recruitment Consultancy | top priorities when relocating | Blog | luxe talent

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