15 Jan 2020

Autor: Clarissa Larrain
15 Jan 2020

Last week, we had our Team Building activity in Milan, due to our annual workshop. For this year’s activity, we chose to do a scavenger hunt discovering the city but keeping the clues coherent to our company. If you want to know more about it, check “Our Team” Highlight on our Instagram (@luxetalent) or keep reading… ?


This blog is also available in Spanish: https://bit.ly/3aDZAce


We already know that team building activities are important since they enable coworkers to bond, empathize and connect, which increases the in-company relationship. However, we stumble upon an HR Morning article where they mention that there are 7 hidden benefits in team building activities. After reading it, we decided to test it out and prove its truth in relation to our company.


1. Getting Creative

Creativity for us is something that can be present in the development and during the activity. For instance, since we were discovering Milan through a Scavenger Hunt, the clues should relate to our company, values, and new slogan. Keeping it creative but coherent. And during the activity, is more about being creative to conquer the quest and have fun.


The teams spelled out the word TOGETHER letter by letter | They made an “R” with their body and turn the picture around


2. Approach-ability

For the activity, we were divided into groups, and each team was arranged to keep in mind any possible language barrier. However, these diverse groups enable networking and connectivity among each other with ease, by working with our team leaders and new members of our teams. People tend to be more approachable and open to meet new people or get along when doing an activity together.


An example of three of our team member from different countries in one group


3. Identify Leaders

We know that some people have a more predominant personality than others, and in these activities, we can observe those with a greater inclination towards leadership. It is important to mention that not necessarily these leaders are not currently in a managing position. Nevertheless, this also reinforces the capability people have to lead a group but without excluding or taking over, since a good leader is not bossy.


4. Uncover Hidden Talents

Since we are an international company, sometimes it can be difficult to get to know other coworkers at a deep level due to the distance. But, when working in smaller teams with varied people, we can identify each other’s personalities or talents. By the end of the activity, you know who’s the creative one, or the silly one, the one into technology or the fashionista.


5. Everyone’s a Winner in Team Building

This is a classic one, but the important thing here to understand is that when we work together as a collective we have a satisfactory outcome. If we have as a goal to succeed and each one puts their effort to do so, the results will be successful and thank to everyone’s participation.


6. Energy Boost

Being every day inside the same space can be tiring, therefore, changing the environment can be a good alternative to recharge our batteries. That is why for us the location is an important element when doing a team building activity. It is a change of atmosphere and energy.


7. Mix & Mingle

As mention previously, we are an international company, and mixing the group is an effective method to bond. Working together and collaborating has proved to us that language is not actually a barrier but an opportunity for enrichment.



We can say that we do meet the 7 hidden benefits HR Morning mentions in our team building activities, and we do agree with their theory. Regardless of the size, location, or possible language barriers, there is always an opportunity for your business to reconnect. Team building should be seemed like an investment and not an expense since your in-company relationship should be a priority for any leader. A good working environment will enable the workers to deliver satisfactory outcomes. We hope this work as inspiration for your next activity! And if you want to be part of our team, don’t hesitate to check our Work With Us tab ?.