01 Aug 2022

Autor: Luxe Talent Team
1 Aug 2022

What are the benefits of Recruitment Agencies?

In this Luxe Talent Blog, you will learn why and when you should enjoy the benefits of Recruitment Agency. Let's start!

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a recruitment agency does… Is it better to use an agency or manage vacancies by yourself?

In this blog article, we will clarify the role of a recruitment agency in the application process. 

What is a recruitment agency? 

By definition, a recruitment agency is "a business that is paid to find suitable workers for other companies and organisations

There’s a lot of competition in today's labour market, so the candidates are looking for the best opportunities. Thus, any company will seek to recruit quality new people while retaining their top talent.

benefits of recruiting agencies | blog | luxe talent

Tips for recruiting the best talent

Companies need to focus on new and good recruitment strategies, this is one of the benefits of recruitment agencies. Here are four tips that can work for corporations. As a candidate, look for companies that recruit according to the following patterns: 

  1. Hire for potential and not experience 
    Look for people who have a solid and versatile foundation and the ability and desire to learn new things.
  2. Asks questions to your employees 
    Listen to your employees, and work on internal feedback-flow procedures. Let your employees know that there is room for internal growth.
  3. Study the results and act on them
    Study your recruitment procedures and check if there’s something wrong, in order to improve your retention and recruitment strategies. Seeking constant improvement of procedures.
  4. Keep an eye on your competitors 
    Your company competitors are not just the people who make and sell similar products and services; they are also anyone who hires similar employees. As we discussed in the Salary Survey, if you want to retain talent, don't focus exclusively on salary, also consider flexibility, one of the most valued qualities for employees. 

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies like Luxe Talent

1. We have an excellent knowledge of different markets and a large network

We have an international teams that cooperates with multiple brands from all over Europe. Thereby, we have specialists and native speakers for different markets. 

The recruiters know the conditions and requirements of these markets and can see if your profile fits the job. Because of this, we know which sectors and companies are forming exciting opportunities for people with your knowledge and expertise, and also, which expectations are realistic. 

So, the best part is that we can always answer all your questions and give you real insights!

2. Our values when recruiting

Recruitment agencies normally work with many clients, so we receive a lot of  offers from different companies needing help to find a profile. Therefore, when going through a recruitment agency, you will be assessed to apply for the best job offer that suits you best among all these choices.

Once the recruitment process starts, you will be in just one process at a time, so you can fully concentrate on the position and the interviews process. This is done to help you to excel in the process & also to strengthen the loyalty and trust of our clients. Since we have a pact in which we commit ourselves not to propose the same candidate to several clients until their process has been completed. 

An agency also gains insights that a jobseeker does not have. Some positions are only activated for agencies. It’s well known that 80% of job listings are posted only through agencies

Besides, because of years of partnerships with clients, agencies are often the first to hear about new positions. This gives you advantages so that you can be one of the first to apply.

3. The recruitment process with Luxe Talent

Benefits of recruitment agencies| Blog| Luxe Talent

The process with Luxe Talent consists in 3 steps:

  1. It starts with an initial interview, where you will get all the important information about the client expectations.
  2. Your application will then be forwarded. As an agency, we are constantly in contact with our clients. Interviews have to be arranged and information exchanged. The agency functions as a contact partner for both parties. 
  3. We provide you with feedback throughout the job application process; so if you have any questions or are unsure, you can contact us at any time. As an agency, we can give you updates, information, and feedback.

*Psst! As insiders, we can prepare you perfectly for the interview and tell you what to look out for. We can improve and customize your resume. This feedback can make all the difference in an interview. 

Usually, companies prefer agency candidates. There is a partnership made with trust between the agencies and companies. Through years of cooperation and accurate insight into the jobs, clients expect that only suitable profiles will be sent. This accompaniment and the faster obtaining of feedback and information represents another advantage for applicants.

4. You get a free coach – no costs for you as a candidate

Many candidates wonder if there are any costs associated with this service. We spend time with you, advise you, coach you, take time to present your profile, and organize interviews – all for free as it's our client that will remunerate us if we find the profile they are searching for. 

We are free of any charge for candidates. Most of the recruitment agencies are working on requests and are paid by the companies they are cooperating with. Thus, there are no regular costs, but only when the position is filled. You get a free coach accompanying you from the beginning. As a candidate, you always have a contact person at your side and do not have to pay any costs.

This coaching function can remain even if the candidate, unfortunately, does not receive a job offer. We keep our candidates in the databases. Thus, we can get in touch again when a new opportunity arises. This can lead to longer-term cooperation and trust relationship between candidate and agency, too. We do not give up on candidates directly just because there is currently no suitable position for the profile. By regularly receiving new job offers from clients, a new opportunity may arise in the future. The next process can start quickly, since the CV is then already available and a first interview has taken place.

Why Luxe Talent?

We help our client companies to find the best-suited candidates, and we help our candidates to find the best job position for their profile. In doing so, the well-being of the candidates always comes first for us. We want to satisfy both sides. Our values: Commitment, behaviour ethics, and empathy always accompany our process.

If you have any further questions or doubts, feel free to contact us. We can tell you more about our clients and the application process. Your contact person will be happy to assist you.

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