19 Apr 2022

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19 Apr 2022

5 tips to increase happiness at work

In this Luxe Talent Blog, we will share with you 5 tips to deepen your understanding of happiness at work. Find out why it is essential to maintain motivation at work and what techniques you can employ to boost it within your team. Let's get started!

How many times have you experienced a talent drain in your team due to a lack of motivation?

Happiness is a very subjective concept; for some people it has more to do with economic well-being, for others with emotional well-being, and for others with social well-being..... There are as many types of people as there are personal needs and satisfactions, so it is possible that in some cases you have had difficulty satisfying everyone.

Nevertheless, we can say that a fundamental condition for being happy in our daily life is: the ability to be happy at work. Because we spend most of our time there, we need a space with a positive atmosphere. It is no wonder that we are 12% more productive (according to a study from the University of Warwick, UK) when we are happy at work than when we are not.

5 tips to increase happiness at work

1. Upgrade your workspace

Have you ever heard the expression: "a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind"? Well, get creative and give yourself the means to better organise your workspace. This will refresh the mind and increase the focus of your team.

2. Use feedback methods

Feedback is a great indicator to measure happiness at work and job satisfaction. Studies show that companies and managers who provide regular feedback and acknowledge the efforts of their employees are more likely to have a happy team.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Organise morning meetings to plan daily tasks.
  • Acknowledge the efforts made and use words of praise.
  • Give feedback immediately after the work has been done; postponing feedback is unnecessary.
  • When giving criticism, be sure to point out weak points and the reasons why you think they need to be corrected. If possible, give suggestions and show how to do it by setting a good example.

3. Adjust the schedule

Happy workers are always one step ahead when it comes to maintaining and following a flexible schedule. Keep in mind that long working hours without breaks can have harmful effects on the brain and lead to depression, unproductivity and distress.

4. Promote work breaks

Set up a work schedule that includes short breaks during the day. This will increase productivity and avoid overload, leading to better work results.

5. Encourage exercise and meditation

A daily exercise programme, even a short one, energises the body and releases the toxins that cause fatigue. If your budget allows, consider funding gym memberships or mobile apps to improve the physical and mental health of your team.

The documentary Happiness at Work

Martin Meissonnier, a French journalist behind the Happiness at Work documentary released in 2014, highlighted how work pressure affects our well-being. He provided interesting data and evolutionary links in relation to the Arbedjsglæde concept.

Below you will find a teaser of the documentary:

Happiness at Work – Teaser from Productions Campagne Première in Vimeo.

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